Live webcam girl no signup ShareThe new theory involves the parasitic fly Apocephalus borealis which is already known to attack bumble bees.Evidence has now emerged of the fly targeting honey bees.The insect lays its eggs in the abdomens of bees which start displaying zombie behaviour abandoning their hives en masse to congregate near lights.Horror story The larvae of an Apocephalus borealis fly emerges from the dead body of a host honey beeFinally they die and the fly larvae emerge from their bodies.U.S. scientists noted that hive abandonment is a primary feature of CCD.Genetic tests also showed that both bees and flies were often infected with deformed wing virus and the fungus Nosema ceranae.Both infections have previously been cited as possible causes of CCD suggesting a link.Baffled Scientists are unsure where the Apocephalus borealis flies are parasitising the beesProfessor John Hafernik from San Francisco State University said We dont know the best way to stop parasitisation because one of the big things were missing is where the flies are parasitising the bees.We assume its while the bees are out foraging because we dont see the flies hanging around the bee hives. But its still a bit of a black hole in terms of where its actually happening.The research is publishe

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100 free sex chat in ohio Black Beekeepers Are Transforming Detroits Vacant Lots Into Bee FarmsWork hard stay bumble is their nonprofit motto.31kA pair of Detroit natives have decided to combat neighborhood blight in a pretty sweet way by transforming abandoned vacant lots in their city into honeybee farms.Detroit Hives a nonprofit organization founded by Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey in 2017 purchases vacant properties and remodels them into fully functioning bee farms.These properties are left abandoned and serve as a dumping ground in most cases Paule told HuffPost. The area can be a breeding ground for environmental hazards which creates a stigma around the city.Paule a photographer and Lindsey a staff member for the health care provider Henry Ford OptimEyes had been dating for some time before launching the nonprofit.Paule attributes their inspiration to a cold that he just couldnt get rid of.I went to the local market that I normally go to and he suggested that I try some local honey for my coughPaule said. He said you consume local honey because it has medicinal properties.After he started to feel better the couple also began to think about how urban blight contributed to allergies

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